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How to Analyze Your Ride with the BrakeAce App

Follow these simple steps to use the BrakeAce app to find free speed out on the trails

1. Accessing Your Rides:

  • Open the BrakeAce app on your mobile device. You will see your rides listed similar to how Strava displays activities, called "ride cards".

  • Each ride card shows the ride title, duration, elevation lost, distance, date, FlowScore and Brake Balance.

2. Detailed Braking Analysis:

  • Tap on a ride card to view more detailed braking stats such as Brake Time, Number of Events and Event Types such as Brake Checks and Stabs.

  • You’ll see all the components from the Braking Performance Radar Plot and additional insights into how you can improve your braking technique.

3. Braking Stats:

  • FlowScore: This score starts at zero and increases based on the Intensity, Duration, and Modulation of your braking. A lower FlowScore on repeated runs indicates improvement.

  • Brake Balance: Indicates how balanced your braking was between the front and rear brakes. A balanced (close to 50/50) distribution suggests a more controlled ride.

  • Brake Checks: Reflects instances where the brakes are applied briefly and lightly. Multiple brake checks can indicate a lack of confidence or uncertainty in your riding. Reducing these can improve your overall braking efficiency and confidence on the trail.

  • Braking Performance Radar Plot: Shows Modulation, Duration, and Intensity of your braking, helping you identify areas to improve. The ultimate goal is to achieve near-perfect scores (close to 100%) in each area. This demonstrates that you are not only using your brakes effectively but also optimizing your ride by maintaining speed and control through skillful braking.

  • Brake Health: Reflects the quality of your braking by counting Brake Checks and Long events as unhealthy, but Stabs and Short events as healthy. 100% means all events were healthy.

4. Identifying Key Opportunities for Improvement:

  • The app highlights your Key Opportunities on the map, pinpointing areas where you can improve your braking to achieve faster times.

  • Tap on these opportunities to view detailed data like FlowScore, brake power, and brake balance for that specific section.

  • Use the 4-Step BrakeAce Method to lower your FlowScore in these sections.

  • You unlock new Key Opportunities as you improve.

5. Advanced Features:

  • Brake Activity: Access this by tapping the Brake Activity option; it shows braking data on the map every tenth of a second, ideal for refining braking techniques in turns or implementing the 2-1-None Method.

  • Sync with GoPro: Use the web app to export your braking data and sync it with your GoPro footage for a precise analysis of your braking in relation to your track position.

6. Using BrakeAce with GoPro:

  • Connect your GoPro to the BrakeAce app via the record screen.

  • Start and stop your ride recording and GoPro recording simultaneously through the app for synced video and data analysis.

7. Goal Setting and Improvement:

  • Review your stats to set new performance goals, such as achieving a lower FlowScore or riding with fewer Brake Checks.

  • Regularly check Brake Events and Key Opportunities to track your progress and identify areas for further improvement.

Remember, every pro was once a beginner, and improvement starts with understanding where you're at now and making informed improvements on every ride.

With the BrakeAce app, you're not just analyzing rides - you're taking your riding to the next level. It helps you clearly see where you excel and what you need to work on, making every ride a chance for free speed.


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