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Born from research

BrakeAce started as a research project with a tiny university budget and a ton of passion.


From this original prototype, we pioneered braking measurement and finally understood what riders were actually doing out on the trail.


We paved the way

It didn't take long to figure out why we were the first to do this: raw braking data is complicated and confusing! We have seen complicated data before, and have learned that numbers with no context is simply just not good.

From here the focus shifted to developing braking metrics that were simple to understand and easy to compare between riders or trails.

There was no handbook

Before BrakeAce, there was never a way to measure braking at all--just physics and theory. We have seen and tested many ways to measure braking, but they were even more confusing. This is why we spent so much time developing metrics that made sense and could describe every aspect of your braking.

For BrakeAce, we validated new methods and measurements and created dozens of practical new braking metrics. It wasn't ever going to be enough to just give you raw data. We give you real information.

Did you Brake Check? Was your Modulation too high? How was your FlowScore? Did you attain the expert Stab?

BrakeAce tells you.

Key Opportunities & sidebar.JPG
Advanced Turn Analysis Jeff Lenosky.JPG

Taking data to the next level

BrakeAce doesn't just tell you what you did.

The BrakeAce tells you what to do to ride faster and smoother. 

In addition to our dozens of unique, meaningful metrics, every ride shows you your Key Opportunities for improvement on the map, and tells you what you can do to improve your flow. Our advanced Turn Analysis is there for elite riders wanting to take it even further with their own interpretation.

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