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Jamie Garrod
MTB Guide & Coach

"BrakeAce showed me there's a big difference between what I think I do and what I actually do. Now I can make informed changes to improve my riding."


"BrakeAce found the areas I could improve so I could spend more time riding and less time guessing."

bryn dickerson brakeace.jpg

Bryn Dickerson
World Cup Racer

"With BrakeAce I know I'm working on the right things in the right spots. I look at Brake Health and my Key Opportunities on the gondola between runs."


"I saved 7 seconds on a 2 minute track. There's so much time to gain with no more effort."

"I had a lightbulb moment with my braking zones - I'm sure this will carry over to the next trail."

"My braking tells me a lot about how I can ride smoother."

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