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BrakeAce Used in the Most Comprehensive Brake Shootout Ever

We had a really exciting week here at BrakeAce, with not only our first ever review going out, but also BrakeAce being used to compare brakes in a recent brake shootout

Recently, ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine published what is being called the most comprehensive brake shootout ever!

BrakeAce covered the on-trail testing part😎

What's super cool is that we were were asked our opinions on which brake had the best braking data from the trail...

Despite having no idea which brake was which, the brake with the best trail data also won the hearts of the editors and the shootout overall 📊📈

When we looked at the data, we chose the brake that had the lowest Brake Time and shortest Brake Events. A brake that inspires a rider to ride in the way has the power to get the job done, when you want it done!

Check out BrakeAce in action and see which brake won!

If this testing had you data nerds feeling all warm and fuzzy, check out this video below where we do a deep dive on some of the cheapest (and WORST) brakes you can get.

WARNING: They were terrible brakes


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