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Improve Your Flow on MTB Trails with These 3 Braking Training Rides

MTB flow turn
A flowy turn on the Rotorua trails. PC New Zealand Mountain Biking

Flow and Braking on MTB Trails

Flow in MTB can mean many things. For some flow means the state of mind you're in when you're fully focused on the trail and nothing else. For others, flow means seamlessly linking turns and exiting with high speeds to finally get that PB. And still others literally think of bermy flow trails where it feels like you're riding on rails.

Whatever flow in MTB means to you, it's probably something you're always wanting more of!

When it comes to braking, we think of the FlowScore. The FlowScore is a BrakeAce metric that puts a number to your braking. A FlowScore of 0 means zero braking, and it increases each time your use your brakes to slow down. Heavier, longer or more highly modulated brake events take away a lot of flow and tick up your FlowScore faster than lighter, shorter or more even brake events that conserve speed. A lower FlowScore means more flow! You can look at your FlowScore per event, per ride or per trail.

Having better flow on the trails is something you can work on and improve. You can train and track your flow with BrakeAce in the same way riders use power meters to train and track their fitness. Interval rides once or twice per week help with fitness, and flow training rides once or twice per week help to improve your flow.

Below are three MTB training rides you can do to work on your braking and improve