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Do You Need Powerful Brakes on Your MTB?

Jimmy Smith MTB brakes BrakeAce
American Pro shredder Jimmy Smith knows he needs powerful brakes!

There is a lot of chatter in the bike world about powerful MTB brakes.

But what does someone mean when they say, "those brakes are too powerful"? And is it even possible for a brake to have too much power?

When most people say that a brake has good "power", they mean the brake is very "grabby". A grabby brake is a good thing!

Power is a physics term that applies to moving object. Power is the measure of the force acting on something multiplied by the rate at which it is moving.

With BrakeAce we measure the power you are putting out with every single brake event, plotting every event on the map, giving you detailed brake stats, and even showing you which sections are your biggest weakness.

Pretty cool, huh?!

If you want to learn more about why power is the ultimate measure in brakes, download a free copy of our e-book, FREE SPEED for absolutely free by joining our mailing list!

Which MTB Brakes Are the Most Powerful?

A LOT of riders ask us which brake is the most powerful.

This is a hard question to answer even though BrakeAce's job is to measure brake power.

It's hard to know which brake is the most powerful because it's not just the power the brake puts out that is most important. What's more important in a powerful brake is how hard you had to squeeze the lever to get that power.

The short of this is that you can lock up any brake in any situation by grabbing a handful over lever. However with the best brakes, you can get the power you need with a lighter finger squeeze.

To learn more about powerful brakes, we ran a test comparing some of the cheapest brakes we could find to some of our favorites.

Check out the results from the test and what you really should be searching for when you're looking for the most powerful brakes:



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