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Latest App Updates

We're continuously evolving. We not only offer the world's first brake sensor, but we also offer the most powerful ride analytics. Our insights have never been seen before.

Our development roadmap will see us continuously improving metrics, integrations, and technologies - the scope of demystifying MTB is endless!

Here are some of the latest improvements of the BrakeAce app:

Add notes to ride

This feature is cool - helps us remember different bike setups or trail conditions - even shock settings or that fun 'thing' we want to remember.

Multiple wheel sizes

Mullet riders celebrate - you can now keep track of your wheel sizes right down to the millimeter! Do a rollout for maximum accuracy or just click the size.

Different rotor sizes

Is mullet rotors a thing? Well, yeah! Has been on bikes for years. But when you decide to increase your rear rotor size, we got you too!

Ride card info

The ride cards store info like your FlowScore and notes. Searching through your ride history and best results is a breeze!

Improved colors

Green was hard to see, so we're using pink. Can't miss that!


These updates will be ready to push past the testing stage soon:

  1. Satellite Maps

  2. Create your own account for FREE

  3. Browse test rides

Check it all out on


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