How can you go faster on downhills?

Getting fit for MTB is easy. If you have a power meter, you can measure your current fitness then follow a training plan, track your progress and get better.

We use power meters because we can get a direct measurement of where we are at, then try new ways to get faster and figure out if these are working.

Try it. Measure it. Improve it.

So of course training to get fitter takes a lot of time, but it sure is straightforward thanks to technology!

But does getting fitter help us go faster on downhills? How do we even get faster on downhills? What skills do we need?

Say on Strava, we are 20th on our local descent. We've ridden the trail dozen of times. Can we ever imagine getting a KOM? Where are we losing time? Where do we start?

Unfortunately, to date it has been impossible to measure or track your downhill performance other than with just time. Everything about going down hills has been just guesswork! This is unfortunate at the highest level, where World Cup downhillers are just holding on and hoping for the best. Yes, they tick off some serious routines and processes along the way, but the only measurements are time to complete a section.

And of course for the rest of us, what can we do to get faster on downhills?