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BrakeAce is the world's first braking sensor and app combo

BrakeAce is the first product to help mountain bikers ride better. The sensor measures every aspect of your braking, while the app analyzes your ride. 


Like any great coach, it cuts through the noise by showing you three Key Opportunities from every run or lap you do - the three places on the trail you can improve the most.

The latest in rider technology

Measuring and training your braking is the mountain bike equivalent to measuring power in road cycling – power meters progressed road cycling, and BrakeAce progresses mountain biking.​

Most braking recommendations are based on convention and tradition, but BrakeAce automatically crunches the data for you and takes away the guesswork.

What does it do?

To start, the app will show your three Key Opportunities. This is where the rubber hits the trail and you can get to work making those improvements. 


You’ll get a FlowScore evaluating your overall braking performance, a definitive way for you and your friends to compare braking. You can also easily see your braking Duration, Intensity, and Modulation for all braking, as well as front/rear balance, caliper temperature, and enough data to keep you busy until your next ride!

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How does it work?

Using a super sensitive sensors on your front and rear brakes, BrakeAce records your braking 100 times per second. The app processes this data and makes it easy to understand and improve.

With BrakeAce's simple scores, you can track your progress and compare yourself to your friends no matter the conditions, the trail or your ability level.

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BrakeAce Facts


From beginner to pro, BrakeAce will make you ride faster and ride more


The design is patent pending (it actually takes a lot of years and cash to get here!)


Give your skills coach real numbers and let them help you more effectively (we tried it)


BrakeAce was born and built by passionate riders and coaches just like you

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