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Getting Started with BrakeAce - First Ride

1. Install BrakeAce on your bike according to the Installation Procedure

2. Install the BrakeAce Mobile App and enable permissions:

  1. Bluetooth is enabled (to connect to BrakeAce sensors and GoPro)

  2. Location services enabled (all the time - so it runs when your phone is in your pocket)

  3. File access enabled (so you can save and upload your rides)

3. Create an account.

4. Enter your bike details here.

5. Hit SIGN UP. Check your email (including spam) to verify your account. Sign in to your account.

6. Open the BrakeAce mobile app and open the RECORD screen at the bottom

7. Wake up the sensors by bouncing your tires on the ground.

8. Connect the appropriate sensor to your rear brake by tapping on the Rear Brake box and adding the appropriate sensor ID. The ID will start with BA-****

NB: Hold your phone close to the sensor to test signal strength and ensure you have selected the appropriate sensor ID.

9. Connect the appropriate sensor to your front brake in the same way.

NB: Connecting your GoPro to the BrakeAce mobile app in the same way will allow you to control your GoPro with the BrakeAce mobile app

10. Push the red record button to start your first ride . Rides should be between 1-10 minutes in length. Due to the amount of data recorded, rides longer than 10 minutes may have difficulty uploading to the cloud.

Start recording when you have established a sufficient GPS connection. Some phones take longer than others to find the connection. Look at the GPS pin icon next to the BrakeAce logo to see your connection status.

11. Finish your ride by pressing the square STOP button.

12. Give your ride a nice title. You can also add notes.

13. Your runs are now on the UPLOAD screen. Tick the box next to each ride you want to upload, and hit the red UPLOAD button at the top. Note that you will need sufficient internet connection to complete this step.

14. Go to the HOME screen and open the card of the run you want to analyze. For more information click VIEW ANALYSIS on the bottom.

15. Now you can follow the 4-Step BrakeAce Method for more fun out on the trail!


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