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BrakeAce PF2 TR & DH Installation Procedure

  1. Remove your brake caliper from your frame or fork.

  2. Remove your brake caliper adapter from your frame or fork.

  3. Position BrakeAce in place of your brake caliper adapter with the threaded cap and antenna facing up (on fork) or forwards (on frame).

  4. Insert bolt through BrakeAce to attach to your frame or fork. Consult your frame or fork manufacturer's specifications for recommended bolt thread insertion depths.

  5. Torque BrakeAce mounting bolts according to your frame or fork manufacturer’s specifications.

  6. Place your brake caliper on top of BrakeAce. Depending on your caliper, add a 1.5-4mm washer on each bolt between BrakeAce and your brake caliper to line up the top of the pads with the top of your rotor. Washer thickness must be identical under each caliper bolt. See below for more information on the location of required washers and washer configurations.

  7. Insert caliper mounting bolts through your caliper and washers. Ensure that bolts are inserted with at least 9-13mm of threads into BrakeAce. You may need new bolts depending on the washers required.

  8. Ensure that your wheel can spin freely and that the rotor does stick out higher than the top of your brake pads.

  9. Center your brake caliper on the brake rotor.

  10. Using a torque wrench, torque caliper mounting bolts to BrakeAce at 6-9 Nm. Ensure that your wheel spins freely.

  11. Connect to the BrakeAce app and you're ready to ride!

NOTE: You must increase your rotor by 1 size from the minimum rotor size of your frame or fork. BrakeAce fits like a +20mm spacer. BrakeAce PF2 TR is for use on 160 post mounts with a 180mm rotor, and on 180 post mounts with a 200 or 203 rotor. BrakeAce PF2 DH is for use on 200 or 203 post mounts with either a 200 or 223mm rotor, respectively.

Installation recommendations may be subject to change without notice


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