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New BrakeAce Power Meter Electronics

Just before the new year we sent an announcement to our Kickstarter backers. The news was that we have finalized our electronic modules. Woohoo!

We did an audit of our product requirements through November and December, and went back to the drawing board. We tested some off-the-shelf electronics and looked at custom options. It took longer than we had planned.

At the final hour we were fortunate to source some proven power meter modules for BrakeAce. I've used this module in a prototype power meter since 2019 (still going strong!), and you've seen it in some of the big brand power meters - including the world's most expensive power meter, amongst others.

We just got our first shipment today! Check it out!

brakeace brake sensor
New BrakeAce brake power meter electronics. With the brake bolt as reference, we are talking TINY!

Alongside this announcement we informed our backers that this did add time to the project. This is because we need a redesign on the sensor body. But all good - we are on it! Our radar is now set on late April delivery.

Everyone was highly supportive because it's a delay in lieu of a better BrakeAce. So thanks to everyone for the kind messages and for being so rad! :)

We've had a lot of emails recently from those who want BrakeAce but missed out on the Kickstarter. We are looking into setting up pre-orders, but our first priority is delivering to our backers who literally got us off the ground.

So the answer is that YES! we want to get BrakeAce to everyone. If you're not yet signed up to our email list, make sure to get on it down below. We already know our pre-order batch is limited and the first call will go out to our email list.