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Braking for Control

Through years of braking research, we have unlocked 3 key reasons why we brake on the trails. Mountain bikers know that brakes are important, but these components we often don't think about - they either work, or they don't.

Caleb Bottcher riding in control with BrakeAce

Brake usage in MTB is a mystery. Nobody knows much about brakes or how riders use them on the trails - not even the pros. But it shouldn't be that way. That's why we created BrakeAce. Our company mission is to Demystify Your Ride. We start by analyzing your braking for you and making it easy to understand. Every ride or run you do have 3 Key Opportunities. These are the low-hanging fruit for you to improve.

The 3 Reasons We Brake

We'll outline the three reasons we brake in three separate posts. Check out our blog for more article and to follow along for the rest. If you're not signed up for our mailing list, do it now! We are 'braking' down MTB for you so you can get faster, faster. Bye bye, guesswork!

For part 1, we'll talk about using our brakes to ride in control. Think you can ride brakeless? Here's why that's a bad idea.

Braking for Control

Leo Housman braking in control

Apart from stopping to let old ladies cross the street, we use our brakes to control our bikes. Imagine yourself riding down a hill at an incredible speed and you suddenly come across a kitten. You’re going so fast that stopping isn’t possible, but you just can’t hit that kitten. Of course the kitten you have to avoid in your specific case may be a rock, a mate, slippery roots, or maybe even a puppy. While some particular maneuvers may help you avoid a few obstacles - like jumping over it for example - you’ll soon run out of luck. What you really need to do is be in control of your bike so that you can execute the appropriate maneuvers with control. You need your brakes for that.

Running braking down a hill