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BrakeAce Metrics | Brake Modulation

BrakeAce classifies every single braking event to bring the pieces of the puzzle together so you can understand your ride. BrakeAce’s three major event classifications are Intensity, Duration & Modulation. Events can be classified as just one of these, or could even show up as all three of these. The greater number of major classifications an event has usually coincides with a greater FlowScore of that event. For deeper insights into the metrics themselves, let’s explain them here.

We’ve all heard the term brake Modulation, but what does it mean? Is brake modualtion good or bad? You hear it a lot in magazines and online, but there was never a way to measure it - so we developed the calculation.

Modulated brake events are ‘spikey’. There are periods of high and periods of low braking. Sometimes Modulation is what’s required. Oftentimes you will see Modulated events in your Key Opportunities. If Modulated events can be made even, you can often reduce your FlowScore. You’ll see Modulated events in uneven terrain, or even sometimes in parts of the trail where you aren’t confident in your line choice. Check these events out to see if you can properly separate braking points or come into the section with more control. Note that an event’s power trace can still be “spikey” without being classified as Modulated, since it depends on the magnitude and spacing of the spikes.

Modulation isn’t inherently bad, but huge peaks and valleys in your braking generally do not indicate smooth and in-control riding - so these are worth noting.

The above is an excerpt from Free Speed


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