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BrakeAce Metrics | Brake Duration

BrakeAce classifies every single braking event to bring the pieces of the puzzle together so you can understand your ride. BrakeAce’s three major event classifications are Intensity, Duration & Modulation. Events can be classified as just one of these, or could even show up as all three of these. The greater number of major classifications an event has usually coincides with a greater FlowScore of that event. For deeper insights into the metrics themselves, let’s explain them here.

Top riders brake hard, but for a short amount of time. It's often good to get all your braking done in a shorter time so that traction is not compromised. Braking for a long time may indicate a lack of control, poor traction or bike setup, or improper body position. Then again, sometimes it is simply what the trail requires. However, it's important to be able to classify brake events by their Duration so that you have a starting place for improvement.

BrakeAce characterizes ever brake event as either Long or Short.

Long events are more than 2 seconds in duration. They can be Light, Heavy, Modulated or Even. It’s good to know which other events type these are classified as so you have a better idea of the surface conditions or terrain, and of course to better understand the skills you may need to improve or approaches you may be able to take into this section. For example, events that are Long and Modulated may be on a steep, rocky chute. It can be positive in terms of your overall riding to enter a section like this with absolute control, which may make you rethink your braking points. Oftentimes you will see Long events in your Key Opportunities. If Long events can be made shorter, you can often reduce your FlowScore. For example, you may be able to make a Long event shorter by braking later, depending on the terrain, or by separating it into two brake events.

The above is an excerpt from Free Speed


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