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BrakeAce Metrics | Brake Intensity

BrakeAce classifies every single braking event to bring the pieces of the puzzle together so you can understand your ride. BrakeAce’s three major event classifications are Intensity, Duration & Modulation. Events can be classified as just one of these, or could even show up as all three of these. The greater number of major classifications an event has usually coincides with a greater FlowScore of that event. For deeper insights into the metrics themselves, let’s explain them here.

Is it better to brake harder or lighter? How much should you slow down when braking? There was never a way to measure it, so we built this into the BrakeAce app.

Every brake event is classified as either Heavy or Light. Heavy brake events are where we are braking hard. Heavy events remove a lot of speed, while Light events conserve your speed. In general, Heavy events have a higher FlowScore compared to Light events. It’s good to know where Heavy brake events are because a lot of times we can find some more exit speed at these events. Oftentimes you will see Heavy events in your Key Opportunities. If Heavy events can be made Light, you can often reduce your FlowScore.

The above is an excerpt from Free Speed


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