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BrakeAce Launches New PF2 Wireless Brake Sensors

From nothing to something: following a successful Kickstarter campaign in July 2021, BrakeAce set off on a journey to build the world’s first wireless brake sensor. After successful development and testing under Pro riders and a beta test group, the team are happy to announce that they have started shipping to backers around the globe.

Today marks the official launch of the BrakeAce PF2, the company's flagship brake sensor designed to enhance your riding experience. The PF2 is installed under your brake caliper, similar to a +20mm spacer, where it fits seamlessly on standard brake post mounts. Hypersensitive strain gauges inside measure your braking at 1000 times per second. This data is wirelessly transmitted to your phone, where you gain actionable insights to improve your riding.

The BrakeAce app identifies your 3 Key Opportunities- your personalized insights into where and how you can improve. Utilizing the 4-step BrakeAce Method, riders can capitalize on their Key Opportunities for better trail flow. As you improve, new Key Opportunities arise. BrakeAce assesses your riding based on Modulation, Duration, and Intensity of braking, and provides feedback on how you are using your front and rear brakes. Brake events are categorized into types such as Brake Checks and Stabs, which can be easily compared with your riding buddies.

The BrakeAce PF2 comes in two sizes. The TR version fits on 160mm and 180mm post mounts (to be used with 180mm and 200/203mm rotors, respectively), and the DH version fits on 200mm and 203mm post mounts (to be used with 220mm and 223mm rotors, respectively). A rechargeable battery inside lasts over 100 hours of ride time, and a PF2 weighs 73 grams (only 49 grams more than a normal caliper spacer).

The team behind BrakeAce have a combined over 50 years of experience in the bike, coaching and tech industries, and plan to grow the suite of sensor insights provided in their app, such as supporting power meters and other bike sensors.

“The BrakeAce PF2 is the tool we always wanted. It didn’t exist, so we built it ourselves. It’s like the power meters every cyclist uses, except it’s for mountain bikers - where braking is everything. We have an epic team and we’re stoked to get these out in the wild.”

-Matt Miller, BrakeAce Founder

"Considering all the pieces needed to make the PF2 a reality, it's no surprise it hasn't been done before. We've combined sensors, firmware, GPS, wireless protocols, mobile & web apps, and a heap of scientific research. But the fact that you as a rider simply see how and where you can improve on the trail you just finished, makes it all worth it."

-Rohan Martin, BrakeAce CTO

BrakeAce PF2 sensors are made in Rotorua, New Zealand. Pre-order pricing is USD$1,199 for a set of two sensors. Orders for a limited batch are now open at with shipping slated for June 2023.


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