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A Growth Mindset in Mountain Biking

A growth mindset is the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work. This is an essential tool for success in any area of life, including mountain biking. It can help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

A growth mindset is the opposite of a fixed mindset, which assumes that skills and talents are predetermined and cannot be changed. Mountain biking requires a growth mindset because it is a challenging and constantly evolving sport.

Mountain bikers face a variety of obstacles, such as steep inclines, rocky terrain, and unexpected obstacles. A growth mindset allows riders to view these obstacles as opportunities to learn and improve. Instead of giving up or feeling discouraged, mountain bikers with a growth mindset will use these challenges to build their skills and develop their abilities. Rather than sticking to what is comfortable and familiar, growth-minded riders will push themselves to try new trails, new techniques, and collect feedback at every opportunity. This mindset promotes growth and development, both in the sport of mountain biking and in life in general.

Historically, riders wanting to improve have reached for lighter and more expensive bike parts that offer extremely marginal or negligible gains. But is this really the way?

Roadies started to "get it" about 20 years ago when power meters came out, and XC riders followed suit 10 years ago with the first MTB power meters. Power meters changed the game in the pursuit of becoming fitter, and I personally believe have created a shift in the mindset of fitness-oriented riders - now they can view every setback (and even every ride!) as a way to become a better version of themselves.

Unfortunately, there has been an obvious gap for riders looking to improve the way that they ride on technical or downhill trails. Skills coaches and skills coaching certifications like PMBIA have been changing the game though - riders at every skill level can now get back to the basics, and nail them. Afterall, being a better rider is all about doing a lot of easy things right. If we can let go of our egos and take on feedback, we can all become better riders.

BrakeAce is a tool that assesses your MTB skills, showing you where you can improve. By adopting a growth mindset, you can use this feedback to overcome challenges & achieve your goals. BrakeAce identifies your 3 weakest parts of the trail and provides insight into what you're doing in those areas. By embracing a growth mindset and opening yourself up to new possibilities, BrakeAce can help you become a better rider.

Outside or inside line - which is better for you? Are you modulating too much? Braking too early? Too late? Endless possibilities!

Recently, Jamie from New Zealand Mountain Biking has been using a growth mindset to improve his own riding with BrakeAce. It was awesome to see him really enjoying the feedback from the app. Just yesterday I bumped into him and our friend Jeff out on the trails using the 4-step BrakeAce Method. They were having an awesome time and riding fast - it was awesome to see!

I've been mostly off the bike for the last 3 weeks with illness, but I've been embracing a growth mindset to get back onto the trails and enjoy summer riding to the max. I got the chance to ride with Jamie, and was exposed to some obvious opportunities for improving my own riding.

We had a super fun lap - check it out here:

No doubt I'll be back on Mā Te Wā soon to session my own Key Opportunities!


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