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5 Ways to Get Faster Without Getting Fitter

Getting fitter sucks. It's hard and takes forever. You sweat a lot, have to work on it every day and still it won't always help you beat your buddies down the hill. This is why we made BrakeAce! Here are the 5 ways to get faster on downhills without training.


  1. Coast more

  2. Brake harder

  3. Brake later

  4. Session your Key Opportunities

  5. Brake into the apex

The Science of Braking

At BrakeAce, we have been studying the science of braking on mountain bikes since 2014. We’ve analyzed braking from beginners up to top pros on the UCI MTB Downhill World Cup, and have found major differences in how they ride.

You might be thinking to yourself how OBVIOUS it is that braking smarter could help you go faster, but rest assured that to date even most top riders are just guessing their way down a trail!

Along the way we’ve noticed a number of major braking trends and simple techniques you can try yourself.

As a fitness coach who has helped MTB riders around the world get FITTER, it might sound a bit funny to help you get faster without getting fitter.

But as we all know, getting fitter is very hard and takes a very long time. You need to train for months or years to see any major improvement in your fitness, and even then these fitness gains might not always help you go faster down the hills.

So here are 5 ways you can get faster without any improvement in your fitness. These are all based on science and real data, so give it a go and let us know what you think!