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5 Reasons You Need Bigger Rotors

Here at BrakeAce, we've used some BIG rotors. Were talking all the way up to 246mm, with lots of time on 223, 220, and obviously 200/203.

We are all about bigger rotors - and our reasoning is all based on the physics of riding and real braking data from the real world.

Check out the video below to learn more!

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Unknown member
Sep 23, 2022

Great point about replacing rotors. I had not heard about that before. All I hear is checking minimum thickness, which obviously is way beyond that point!

Good point about the whole rear vs front rotor size. And one point you didn’t even mention: the front rotor is fairly out in the open, getting cooled by the air moving past it. The rear is partially covered and shielded from air movement by your legs, the frame and that giant 52 tooth cassette.

The one point where I think some more nuance would be appropriate, is that it sounds like you are saying bigger is always better. You probably don’t mean that, but those are the arguments you give.

Too hot…

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