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Rider Success Stories

Adam: Intermediate Rider

The BrakeAce app showed Adam that his Intensity Score was low. He looked at his Key Opportunities and found that most of his intense braking events were just before tabletop jumps. Over a series of rides, Adam spent time gaining confidence on small jumps and was able to improve his Intensity Score and FlowScore to ride smoother.

Caleb: Elite Racer

Caleb already had the KOM on his local trail, but knew there must be some way to ride smoother. The BrakeAce app showed him Key Opportunities and that he could improve his Modulation. Caleb sessioned those 3 sections, lowered his FlowScore and set a new track record. 

Will: Weekend Warrior

Will mostly rode fast flow trails on the weekends. BrakeAce showed him that he had a lot of Brake Checks and that he was braking far beyond the apex in berms. Will focused on braking harder and changing his body position to be able to release the brakes at the exit of turns. He set a new personal record on his favorite trail.

Jeff: Pro

Jeff had a hardtail and a full-suspension bike with exactly the same setups that he wanted to test. It was no surprise that Jeff was slower on his hardtail, but he was surprised to learn that he was also much more efficient at braking on his full-suspension bike. His FlowScore helped him choose which bike to ride.

Matt: Lifetime Rider

Matt tested different pacing strategies on a local trail. He tried sprinting all-out at race pace on one run and focusing on riding smooth on others. Over a bunch of runs BrakeAce showed that he was more efficient with his braking with fewer Brake Checks and Critical events when he rode smooth. This became his go-to approach.

Jason: Beginner

Jason tried multiple laps of a new trail. His Key Opportunities contained high levels of Modulation, Intensity and Duration in straights and turns, which led to high FlowScore. Since using BrakeAce, Jason has spent time on basic skills and bike-body separation so that he could ride with better control. He can't wait to try BrakeAce again.

Sam: Pro

Sam spent all day using BrakeAce to dial in his local DH track. The app showed him that he had 13 Brake Checks and that he was using his rear brake 83% of the trail. On his later runs, Sam focused on slowing down more effectively by increasing his intensity and having enough control to remove Brake Checks. This greatly improved his Brake Health & FlowScore.

Neil: Local XC Racer

Nate was super fit, but not super skilled. BrakeAce showed him that he got more efficient at braking each lap of a race, which meant he was wasting a lot of energy in the first few laps of his races. BrakeAce showed him that his Key Opportunities were on steeps turns and off-camber trail sections, so he focused on improving his technique and confidence on those sections while he was fresh.

Harlan: Skills Instructor

Harlan came to test the BrakeAce as both a rider and a coach. He spent a full day repeating one trail to learn the lines and determine his Key Opportunities. The next day he went back to his Key Opportunity sections and tried new approaches after self-coaching. He was able to go 7 seconds faster overall.

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