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Unlock Your Hidden Skills with BrakeAce: Ride Your Trails Better and Keep Up with Your Buddies!

If you're like me, you're tired of being left in the dust by your riding buddies. Fitness has never been a problem on uphills (ok, it's becoming more of a problem as the years go by...), but on downhills I sometimes am left in the dust of my buddies after just 2 corners on our local trails.

What the heck?! So how do I keep up with my friends on the trails?

We created BrakeAce as the first tool to help you ride your home trails better. BrakeAce helps you unlock skills you never new you needed, on sections of trail where you'd never guess. This proven and automatic Key Opportunities analysis allows riders to use The BrakeAce Method in a step-by-step. Just like power meters have completely changed how we gain fitness, BrakeAce is revolutionizing the way mountain bikers ride.

This is an awesome video going through The BrakeAce Method with our own CTO, Rohan Martin and his friend, YouTuber and mountain biker, Ryan Dillon. As an experienced MTB skills coach, Rohan helps Ryan work through necessary skills in his Key Opportunities for smoother and faster riding. They cover things like braking zones, cornering, and trail scanning in a short afternoon on the local Perth trails.


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